Join us for a session with your pet as the centerpiece!  

Highlight their personality from their wet noses to their tails' tip! Each furry friend receives individual attention and affection to ensure they are relaxed and stress free. We create a comfortable experience for you and your pet while photographing the special moments using our professional equipment and skilled staff.



We are always delighted to meet clients in-person for the first time! During our initial consultation, we love to discuss photoshoot ideas, locations, and what goals you’d like to accomplish during our time together. We’ll show you examples of previous photoshoots, our beautiful, archival-quality print products, and get to know you on a personal level.

Once you’ve decided that a session with Alpha Pet Portraits is the right fit for you, we’ll work together to find a package that fits your desires and budget. We’re also happy to create a custom package tailored to your needs. We will require a signed contract and deposit to book your date, and you’ll be set!


During our photo session together, you can expect a fun, professional experience with us. With years of experience as pet owners as well as photographers, we understand it may take some extra time and loads of patience to get a perfect shot. We’ll bring toys and treats (consulting you beforehand on any special dietary needs your pet may have) and work with you and your pet in a relaxed, natural way. Our goal is to capture the essence of who you are - and who your pet is - and like to allow the animals to set the pace of the shoot. Choosing a location that allows pets and provides a safe environment for everybody is a top priority!


At the end of all our hard work and planning comes the best part: seeing your beautiful images! Immediately following your studio photoshoot or with in 2 weeks after your location session, we will have you come in for viewing and ordering. We will work with you to choose images that fit your interior decoration goals or make that perfect gift for a family member. All images will be hand-retouched and available for a variety of beautiful, archival print products.