For Animals,


Meet Dixie.

Dixie-Doo, Doodle-Butt, Dooha. These were the names she answered to. She was my best friend. She was there to bring me through my darkest moments and was my greatest joy.

She is my reason, the reason why I am a pet photographer, why I create tangible memories, why I treasure every moment with my loved ones.

This single image captures who she was and speaks to my soul. I can still hear the thud of her tail and her happy bark.

“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”


My journey began after leaving the military while my husband and I were stationed in Italy. The sky-soldier life is not one for the faint of heart. I picked up the camera to capture the memories my husband couldn't be apart of. These photographs are treasured pieces of our life, a testament of our resolve to get through anything together. My name is Jessica Whaley; animal lover, photographer, wife, mother, & so much more. These are some of the things that have given me joy and meaning in my life, but also challenged me in ways I never thought possible. The challenges are what drive me, they push me to investigate not only the solution but to understand the why behind it.

These experiences kindled a burning passion to help others have tangible reminders of the people they love and the bonds they share. I obtained my Professional Photography degree from the New York Institute of Photography and trained under some of the best photographers in the world. My mentors are treasured friends and confidants. They help me reach for my true potential and push me to be the very best.

I need to provide these memories for you. You need to photograph your pet, to have a physical reminder of your bond and honor the life they live for you. Listening to each individual's wants and unspoken needs to create the images they've always dreamed of is my ultimate goal. I feel so honored when I can craft tangible proof of that love and bond for the enjoyment of others. I am proud to be your photographer and friend.